Do you want to make yourself more visible on the web?

Web positioning and seo

We create SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies so that companies and professionals who turn to us for the creation of their website are clearly visible and positioned on the main search engines.

Having a website is not enough to be found!

SEO positioning is used to improve the visibility of a website on Google and other search engines. This allows the business or freelancer not only to be found, but also to possibly increase their profits.

Seo positioning

White-hat techniques to increase quality and positioning on the main search engines

Web Marketing

Creation of Web Marketing strategies, competitor analysis and on-site optimization.

Social optimization

Optimization of social networks to increase the visualization and the success of the positioning

Traffic analysis and monitoring

Use of tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics and others to monitor users

Why choose EveyGroup for SEO optimization

Searches for information relating to companies or freelancers almost always take place via Google or other search engines. To do so, keywords are used. What we do as a team is to develop a structured market analysis that allows us to understand what the site’s problems are and to analyze the organic competitors to understand their strengths and the requirements to be met in order to overcome them.