Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus

Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus is an outpatient center for recovery and functional rehabilitation of Speech Therapy and Augmentative Alternative Communication, active in Prato since 2012, but born in 2008 from a need for cooperation between a group of parents of disabled children.
Accredited by the Tuscany Region and in agreement with the Local Health Authority (ASL), the center is equipped with a team of professionals that includes a Child Neuropsychiatrist, expert operators in Speech Therapy, C.A.A. and DSAp certifications, which carry out the therapies on site, in schools and at home.

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Design of the website

The need of the Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus was to make itself more visible on the web world in such a way as to make its services and job easily accessible for all those parents who are looking for a specialized center to turn into. At a later stage, we were asked to also open an online store, which we promptly satisfied.

Our offer for Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus

Web design

Design and creation of the site from a graphic point of view according to the customer’s provisions

Responsive design

Optimization of the website in such a way that it was clearly visible from any electronic device

User friendly navigation

Implementation of the website with the aim of making it easily navigable even for non-expert users


Uploading of products, catalog management and backend and frontend aspects related to their sale

SEO optimization

Positioning and strategy with the aim of increasing the display of the website in the main search engines


Implementation and updates relating to the new products in the catalog and the new collections of the brand

A colorful and fun website

Creating the website for Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus was particularly interesting because we interacted with a slightly different client than usual. In addition to the functionality and navigability, from any device, of the website by non-expert users, particular attention was paid to the graphic aspect. Precisely due to the founding nature of the association, the graphic idea that was sought and obtained aimed at creating a colorful, fun and dynamic product that would make even the youngest users smile.

Warmth and solidarity

By specific customer request, the site was modified in a second moment to implement it with a whole part specifically dedicated to the online sale of the association’s solidarity gifts and another dedicated to donations by users. We have made these two upgrades safe, interactive and easy to be used both by the Modi di Dire Fondazione Onlus staff and by the users of the online service.

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