Illum was born in Florence in 1971 from an idea of ​​Adriana Targetti who had conceived it as a showroom dedicated to ‘lighting design’, initially linked to furnishings. From a showroom whose mission was the search for the object of light, in recent years, Illum has transformed into a real company that designs and manufactures light. To date, it is one of the largest design light outlets in Italy, specializing in lighting design for interiors and exteriors spaces. It is made up of a team of collaborators and architects with over thirty years of training in lighting design.

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Design of the website

Dealing with lighting and furniture, for the creation of the website, the customer specifically requested that the product had peculiarities relating to the optimization of images and the display of their portfolios. In addition, this website has brought together all the various offices around the country.

Our offer for Illum

Web development

Technical development of the website in relation to the graphic directives given by the customer

Responsive design

Optimization of the website in such a way that it was clearly visible from any electronic device

Navigazione user friendly

Implementation of the website with the aim of making it easily navigable even for non-expert users

SEO optimization

Positioning and strategy with the aim of increasing the display of the website in the main search engines

A modern and completely responsive website

The website for Illum was designed following the stylist and graphic line that the company also offers in its furnishings: a modern and strong impact, but streamlined and dynamic. A simple, organized, but equally elegant style. Particular attention, in the development phase, was dedicated to the display features of the portfolios, made perfectly adaptable for all resolutions to ensure excellent viewing from all devices.

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