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Marygrace Skincare was born in Milan from the idea of ​​the founder Maria Miglioli who has been an enthusiastic student of oriental medicine for many years. The flagship product of the brand is the Domino cosmetic line which takes inspiration from the Taoist philosophy and which, thanks to its genesis and dynamism, provides universal and changing products that adapt to everyone and at any time.

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Creation of the website

The Marygrace Skincare brand team wanted not only to advertise their flagship line, but also to provide more information on cosmetic formulations and their uses. In addition, there was also the desire to give customers the opportunity to buy directly online from all over the world; for this reason, a promptly met request was made to make the website multilingual.

Our offer for Marygrace Skincare

Web design

Design and creation of the site from a graphic point of view according to the customer’s provisions

Responsive design

Optimization of the website in such a way that it was clearly visible from any electronic device

User friendly navigation

Implementation of the website with the aim of making it easily navigable even for non-expert users


Uploading of products, catalog management and backend and frontend aspects related to their sale


Adaptation of the website structure available for navigation in other languages ​​and translation of content

SEO optimization

Positioning and strategy with the aim of increasing the display of the website in the main search engines

A site that satisfies customers and users

A fundamental aspect of the creation of the website was to make the contents relating to the description of the products of the cosmetic line and its uses accessible and easily viewable from any device, through masks and combinations. The contents have been adapted to maintain the lean and dynamic aspect also typical of the brand’s philosophy.

A fast and dynamic store

The commercial aspect of the website has been made efficient and easy to be used by any user, while maintaining all the features typical of an online shop. Taking advantage of having few products in the catalog, e-commerce has also been facilitated for viewing and selling directly from tablets and mobile.

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