Biscarini Milano

The company was founded in Milan in 1972 and deals with furniture for both interiors and exteriors places. Over the years, the company has grown a lot, increasing its range of products and services, including the design and construction of terraces with verandas. By now, the Biscarini Milano team is made up of Architects, Designers, Engineers and Artisans and offers projects tailored to the needs of customers.

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Design of the website

The website for Biscarini Milano was created because the customer needed to realize a new space for their internet business. As a team, we had already had experience in designing websites for companies that deal with furniture, so we already had in mind what was needed. We have therefore created a website that meets the needs and problems posed by the customer, with particular attention to the accessibility and functionality of the product.

Our offer for Biscarini Milano

Web development

Technical development of the website in relation to the graphic directives given by the customer

Responsive design

Optimization of the website in such a way that it was clearly visible from any electronic device

User friendly navigation

Implementation of the website with the aim of making it easily navigable even for non-expert users

SEO optimization

Positioning and strategy with the aim of increasing the display of the website in the main search engines

A completely responsive website

The website has been designed in such a way that it is perfectly appreciated by any type of device. Particular attention was paid to the ability to clearly see the many portfolios that are related to the external and internal furnishing works offered by the company.

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