Periferie Artistiche

Periferie Artistiche is the Residence Center of the Lazio Region which carries out its activity in different locations, operating in the provinces of Rome, Rieti and Viterbo. Four subjects collaborate in its management, specifically associated in a Temporary Association of Purpose. The Center, which intends to develop an articulated and multidisciplinary project, acts in synergy with equivalent national partners.

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The website for Periferie Artistiche

On the part of the customer there was the need to have a website that was a portal for artists and tutors to get information on scheduled activities, to propose their project idea and to advertise their shows and their own way to understand the expression of the body and mind.

Our offer for Periferie Artistiche

Web design

Design and creation of the site from a graphic point of view according to the customer’s provisions

Responsive design

Optimization of the website in such a way that it was clearly visible from any electronic device

User friendly navigation

Implementation of the website with the aim of making it easily navigable even for non-expert users

SEO optimization

Positioning and strategy with the aim of increasing the display of the website in the main search engines

A website optimized for customer needs

The website is characterized by an extremely dynamic and youthful style, in perfect harmony with the movement deriving from dance and the metatheatre which is the ultimate goal of the residency project itself. For its realization, a solution was thought of that would make the many calendars of events that distinguish the productive activity of artists and choreographers who bring their experience and creativity in Periferie Artistiche.

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